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Product Testing

At ORLAB, we are a hub for testing for all products: eye and face protection through to transport and safety, buildings and lighting.  Our facilities are equipped for all levels of testing which adheres to Australian Standards. 

Please find here the NATA Product Testing scope for ORLAB.


Eye and Face 

Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles

AS/NZS 1067; BS 2724; EN 1836, ANSI.Z80.3 Consumer Product Safety Standard, Section 62, Trade Practices Act 1974 (Commonwealth Government Gazette No. 5439, 28/10/85). ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of sunglasses and fashion spectacles to the entirety of the above standards (the only such accreditation). ORLAB also offers a testing service to ISO 12311 and ISO 12312-1 (accreditation to be applied for).

Occupational Eye and Face Protection


Spectacles and Ready-Mades

AS 2228.1, AS/NZS ISO 21987, EN 166, EN 167, EN 172, AS/NZS 1337.6, ISO 16034, AS/NZS ISO 16034, EN 14139. ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of spectacle lenses. ORLAB also offers a partial testing service to ISO 12870, AS/NZS ISO 12870 and AS 2228.2
Transport and Safety 


ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of automotive signals, headlights, licence plate lamps, retroreflectors, windows and mirrors. ORLAB is certified laboratory number 4936 in the Road Vehicle Certification Scheme of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Australia. ORLAB is certified testing authority number FAJ135 of the Vehicle Certification Agency of the Department for Transport, UK.

Traffic signals

ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of traffic signals, temporary traffic signals, flashing arrows, self illuminated raised pavement markers and variable message signs.

Railway signals and Lights

Railway signals are generally specified by local jurisdictions.  There is no Australian standard. AS RISSB 7531.1 to 4. ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of railway signals and lights under the “similar methods” listing in the scope of accreditation.  Explicit mention of a standard in the scope may be requested. If required, please contact our ORLAB staff.

Retroreflective Materials

ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of retroreflective materials for signs and discrete retroreflectors such as bicycle reflectors and raised pavement markers.


Civil Aviation Safety Authority Manual of Standards Part 139. ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of airfield signalling lights.


International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), ATAC Uniform Shipping Laws Section 16. ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing of maritime signalling lights.

Street Lights


High Visibility Garments


Access and Mobility

ORLAB is NATA accredited for testing reflectance which covers the laboratory testing of tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs). ORLAB is NATA accredited for field measurements of luminance which covers the in-situ testing of contrast strips, stair nosings, TGSIs etc.

Windows and Blinds


Roof Materials (BASIX)


Hospital and Medical Lighting


Emergency Lighting


Domestic Lighting


Street Lights


Lamp Circuit Power