Technical Capabilities

The ORLAB scope of accredited testing may be viewed either here or on the NATA website, search for accreditation number 1923 or ORLAB or UNSW.

ORLAB has provided a testing service for a considerable number of Australian, other national (eg ANSI, IESNA, ASTM, BS) European and international standards (e.g. ISO, IEC, CIE).  For many we can provide an endorsed test report because it is the same or similar method to one explicitly in our scope.  The list of standards is incomplete, testing to additional standards may also be possible, please enquire here.

ORLAB has a number of pieces of major equipment, in addition to the more routine instrumentation, that may be the answer to your testing or calibration needs.  These major items are included in a list where you can see if ORLAB has the capability to fulfil your calibration and measurement needs.